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Telecom Components
Designed in accordance to international quality standards, we offer premium telecom components that are made from premium materials. Laying new and rock foundations through our world class service, we offer Telecommunication components which have good surface finish. They also have high seismic resistance because of unique design features and are also easy to install.

Telecom Components
We are engaged in offering Telecom Components that are appreciated by the clients for high quality standards. It includes a surge protector that is manufactured and designed to offer protection electrical devices from power surges and voltage spikes. Our protectors are used to regulate the voltage supplied to an electric device. This is done by blocking or shorting to ground voltage above a safe threshold. High power surges to electronic equipment can be generated by lighting and the communication can badly damage. Thus, the protectors are must for the protection of sensitive equipment from harmful impulses.
These are commonly located at the top of the mast where the transmission line exits the antenna in wireless infrastructures and at the entrance or inside the cabinet where the transmission line enters the Base Station electronics. Further, to use the tower mount electronics, the application needs extra lightning protectors.

We are also offering a wide range of solutions to prevent communication systems from direct and indirect Lightning Electro Magnetic Pulses (LEMP). The lighting protectors are coaxial devices using N or 7/16 interfaces and can operate wireless communication bands (2G, 3G) maximum VSWR is less than 1.24 in the working frequency band. These silver plated lightning protectors are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Can be used in both directions, these are reversible for both directions. These are tested under vibrations, salt spray and thermal shocks to offer quality products. Keeping in mind the packaging requirements, these are packaged in foam-free unit cardboard box, in which the device is captured and protected by a neutral plastic film. Further, these are also labeled with their part number and their operating frequency band.

We have also designed the advanced quarter wave protectors known as Multi band protector. These can effectively performed in various frequency bands and can offer optimum protection to CDMA, GSM, PCS, DCS or UMTS communication networks.

Following are some of the salient features of our quarter wave protectors:

  • Low maintenance
  • High passive inter modulation performance (-110dBm/-153dBc)
  • Only pass the lowest residual voltage

Further, it also has disadvantage of not passing DC signals and not having long stub element.