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Testing System

We are engaged in manufacturing and designing Testing System that is widely appreciated by the clients. These include Observation System, EUT monitoring system, Radiated Conducted EMS and Radiated Conducted EMI. We are also engaged in offering turnkey solutions for these testing systems that includes designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning. Further, the detail description of our range of Testing System is mentioned below:

Specific Absorption Rate Test System
We are offering Observation System that is appreciated by the clients for conforming to various international quality standards. These are known as Specific Absorption Rate Test Systems (SRC), which include SAR Measurements, System Components, Measurement System, Probes & Measurement Accessories and Position Controller & Positioning Robot. The detail description of Specific Absorption Rate Test Systems is as follows:

The SAR System: It is used to measure electromagnetic fields and calculated SAR over a customer-specified frequency range. All tests are conducted in a shielded test room.
SAR Measurements: SAR testing works with the thermal effects of human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields. It corresponds to the relative amount of RF energy absorbed of a device close to the body. The test is conducted to verify that the RF energy emitted by a device is within permissible limits for public exposure as defined by test standards.

The SAR Measurement System is comprised of the following subsystems:

Measurement System: It is an easy to use, flexible package optimized for dosimetric evaluation of radio products. The whole package includes Data Acquisition Electronics and system control computer.

Probes and Measurement Accessories: Various broadband probes and support accessories are available based on test requirements. It includes probes to measure current distribution on radio products in free space, to measure fields inside fluids simulating body tissue and to test radiated emissions from mobile radio equipment.

Position Controller and Positioning Robot: The automated robot positions the probe inside the tissue-simulating liquid over a precisely defined volume. The robot is controlled by a multiprocessor positioning device.

EUT Monitoring System
We are offering EUT monitoring system that includes EUT monitoring, analysis and data recording. These EUT Monitoring Systems analyzes data during the test for interference or failure conditions, and records test data for retrieval after the test is complete. It is designed as a stand-alone system to communicate with the main test system using our EUT monitoring and test software. The EUT (Equipment Under Test) Monitoring System combines the following:

  • monitoring instrumentation
  • video and audio equipment
  • software to provide EUT signal monitoring (analog and digital)
  • EUT stimulation
  • monitoring for visual or audio interference during testing

The monitoring is enabled only after the test level is established with the main test system, since the EUT Monitoring System is fully synchronized with test system. These are appreciated because all parameters captured by the EUT Monitoring System during testing ensures to accurately recreate interference or failure points to resolve compatibility issues monitored.

These systems are configured specifically to cater the test needs and can be configured for specialized requirements such as audio breakthrough required by mobile radio standards and ABS/TCS testing needed in automotive test standards. Our entire range of standard as well as customized seamless interface with main test system completes the control of the EUT Monitoring System from the control room console.

System Components: 

  • EUT stimulation and monitoring instruments selected to cover applicable specifications and meet your price/performance requirements
  • Video monitoring system using shielded color cameras to visually monitor equipment under test
  • An audio monitoring system can supply as a stand-alone solution or built into the video camera system
  • A system controller with application software that offers power to control monitoring equipment
  • These are used to process and store data, graphics, and results of series measurements
  • System cabling and switching to connect the control room with the chamber
  • Shielded room allow test engineers complete control of the EUT monitoring system from the desktop
  • Fiber optic links for analog and digital signal monitoring.

Radiated Conducted EMS
We are offering Radiated Conducted EMS that is used for EMS Testing Many electronic products. The subassemblies must meet immunity testing requirements depending on the product's target marketplace. These are designed specifically to meet the requirements of specific environmental use and internal manufacturer's requirements. It also needs an engineer to control instrumentation from a variety of vendors and perform detailed test procedures for numerous specifications.

These are known for integrating test instrumentation, system controls, positioning devices, and software to perform automated, semi-automated, and manual immunity measurements in an anechoic chamber, shielded room, or test cell. The range of test specifications is carefully evaluated to develop an integrated test environment covering the basic, generic, product family and product specific standards. The entire recommendation is based on proven system installations, in-house research and development, and extensive experience with dozens of test instrument suppliers. It result in a seamless interface the test system and the test environment.

Radiated Conducted EMI
We are offering a range of Radiated Conducted EMI that is designed and manufactured to use in an anechoic chamber, shielded room, OATS, or test cell to perform automated, semi-automated, and manual emissions measurements. These systems are integrated with test instrumentation, system controls, positioning devices and software. This helps to test specific products or subsystems for electromagnetic emissions according to international, R&D and manufacturer-specific standards. Designed especially to meet customer’s requirements, these receive the exact system solution. This is offered without unnecessary components and costs associated with off-the-shelf, "one size fits all" test systems.

Further, we also offer turnkey solution for our Radiated Conducted EMI, which includes system designing and installation with dozens of test instrument supplies. The turnkey EMI Test System designed by us assist to meet product testing requirements. A typical system includes:

  • EMI test instrumentation selected to cover applicable frequencies and meet your price/performance requirements.
  • Antennas/LISNs/Clamps selected to match both test standards and test facility capabilities.
  • Measurement Accessories such as switching and positioning devices that simplify control and increase efficiency.
  • An EMI Main Control Console with instruments and system controls strategically placed to provide test engineers easy access to all functions, and a comfortable, ergonomically-correct work environment.
  • A System Controller with Application Software that offers state-of-the-art power to perform emissions tests from pre-scan to final measurements and to control multiple EMI analyzers and receivers.

Proven Solutions:
Our test system developments are based on the systems in Europe, North America, and Asia. Each new system incorporates the latest technologies instead of an off-the-shelf approach to design and to explicitly cover the standards. It provides accurate, repeatable measurements and minimizes demands on your limited resources.