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Waveguide Components
A waveguide is a hollow metallic tube of any cross section through which the transmission of the electromagnetic waves takes place by the successive reflections from the inner walls of the tube.

Waveguide Components
We are providing Wave Guide Components that are finds wide application in microwave industry. These are available with transition adapters RF and microwave components that are perfect to connect waveguide components of different cross section sizes. Our bend assembly waveguide components are also used in inside waveguide systems to change the direction of electric and magnetic field lines. The twist assemblies are waveguide components are widely used inside the waveguide to change the polarization the radar waves. To connect two non-aligned waveguides, the straight section assemblies are passed on to the transmission between waveguides and offset section assemblies. The attenuators of waveguide components are used to reduce the power level of a signal by a certain amount of gain, with little or no reflection. With respect to the input, the output signal is reduced. Further, following are some other specifications and uses of our Wave Guide Components:

•    To attach the unit to a panel or bulkhead bulk, head feed through are straight wave guide sections with a large flange used
•    These are designed to support a waveguide section through a bulkhead and to seal the opening
•    To extend waveguide through a pressurized wall or cabinet, the bulkhead feed through can be used

The detailed descriptions of our Wave Guide Components are as follows:

  • Circulators: A passive devices consisting of three or more ports allowing the signal entering each port to pass to the port adjacent to it. This is done either clock wise or counter clock wise, but not to the port in the other direction
  • Couplers: These are RF circuits used to sample the RF frequency transmissions by means of coupling (combining) signals asymmetrically
  • Drivers: It is a circuit accepting an input signal and delivers multiple outputs equal in phase and amplitude
  • Combiners: These are devices accepting several input signals and produce a combined output signal
  • The signal is split into different phases with equal amplitude in hybrid varieties
  • Flanges: These are used to connect waveguide sections to one another or to terminate wave guides